Military Service

          While serving overseas, I learned firsthand what an "UN-just" system of laws looks like, feels like, and does to its people. Our system of justice may not be perfect, but we enjoy rights that are far greater than most. Another lesson the military taught me is these rights are worth defending.

                                                                                                 -George Burden, U.S. Air Force Veteran

  • Captain Burden served ten years in the United States Air Force. Joining the ROTC allowed Burden to attend Law School. As a commissioned officer, Burden was sent to Intelligence School, then Strategic Air Command (SAC) Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska where he began his career as a Soviet Area Specialist.

  • After volunteering for duty in the Middle East during the Iran/Iraq War, he completed a study of the Soviet Military Medical Service in Afghanistan. Later, Burden transferred to SAC HQ Combat Operations Staff to provide intelligence support to the National Command Authority.

  • Burden attended Defense Intelligence College in Washington DC in order to manage intelligence collections in Latin America. His success led to an Exceptional Analyst Fellowship to study guerrilla warfare in El Salvador.

  • His military service brought him full circle--back to his home state of New Jersey. As an Air Force Admissions Counselor, he mentored students, much like himself, seeking education and an opportunity to serve.

  • Just months after leaving the Air Force, he was called back to active duty to support "Operation Just Cause" (the Invasion of the Republic of Panama) where he was a Government Liaison Officer to the new Panamanian government.

Lessons learned in the military have served me well. I know the value of training, teamwork, and taking responsibility for persons in my command. Fighting for the rights of individuals is my life's work. I am asking for your vote of confidence to continue this mission.

               Thank you.

              -George Burden


Air Force Achievement Medal (1984)

            Intelligence Support to Operation "Elf-One" in the Middle East

Air Force Commendation Medal (1985)

            Intelligence Support to the Strategic Air Command Combat Operations Staff

              Intelligence Support to Operation "Looking Glass" Airborne Command Post

United States Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Award, Operational Device (1986)

              Intelligence Support to anti-drug operations against the Columbian Drug Cartels

Defense Commendation Medal (1987)

              Created computer program which considered weather forecasts to maximize the success of certain intelligence collection                 platforms

Outstanding Rating, Management Effectiveness Inspection (1989)

              The management of government resources in the recruitment of future Air Force Officers


US Air Force Intelligence Analyst Course (1983), Denver, CO

Intelligence Collection Management Course (1985), Defense Intelligence College, DIA HQ, Washington DC

US Air Force Squadron Officer School (1985), Omaha, NE

US Marine Corps Command & Staff College (1987), Omaha, NE

Serving Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns and Volusia Counties

Political advertisement paid for and approved by George Burden for Public Defender, 7th Judicial Circuit